Friday, December 2, 2011

Super Bright LED BMW Angel Eyes Upgrade

!±8± Super Bright LED BMW Angel Eyes Upgrade

We all know how important it is that we have good lighting, especially when driving at foggy and raining days. All too often, though, car headlights just aren't up to the job. The new BMW Angel Eyes High Power H8 LED ring marker bulbs are the perfect solution to night driving. There are two types of LED Angel-Eye lights on the market right now and they may seem identical at first glace. However, one is made with wider angles and one version is with narrow lighting angles. It's an important difference, as the narrow 30° angle while the arms are 60° wide angle bulbs. That's a big difference, especially if you're driving at night in an area with no other lighting.

The 60° wide angle High Power H8 LED ring marker bulbs give you maximum output and allow you to see more of the road. Night driving can be perilous, especially if you drive in a part of the countryside with nocturnal wildlife. Have you ever seen what hitting even a small deer can do to a car? The wider angle arms can help you spot object near the highway before you're in danger of hitting them.

BMW Angel Eyes are bright white HID similar to the 2011 BMW 5 series with an output of 6W in total. The stock were yellowish and didn't light the road ahead as well the newer models. You can replace the old halogen bulbs with these LED lights for better visibility, longer bulb life and a smaller carbon footprint. Each has two pieces 3W high power LED lights for high and low beams. Installing this couldn't be easier. All you do is remove your old bulbs and merely plug in the Angel Eyes. The error free decoders insure that they will light up and not cause an error message on the dashboard.

These high powered LED Angel Eye is manufactured to fit the E90 Sedan year 2009 and up, the E92 Coupe year 2007 and up, the E92 M3 2009 and up and the E93 Convertible year 2008 and later. It will also fit models in the 1 Series, the X Series and the Z Series. In order for BMW Angel Eyes to fit properly, your BMW has to be equipped with factory installed HID headlights. The BMW is one of the finest cars in the world and a product like BMW Angel-Eye Kit makes it even better. You don't have to settle for dull yellowish headlights when you can opt for bright, white LED lights.

Super Bright LED BMW Angel Eyes Upgrade

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